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Rodent Cleaning
Rodent Cleaning

Rats and mice create huge messes. They urinate every few minutes and leave 40-50 droppings per day, and if left unchecked, a single family of rodents can create over 10,000 droppings in a single month.  Imagine all of that in your attic or garage.They also urinate on top of scent trails and on food to show dominance.

Not only does their urine and droppings smell terrible, but they can also carry diseases.

Common Rodent Diseases

•Hantavirus - breathing in dust contaminated with rodent urine or droppings

•Leptospirosis - eating food or drinking water contaminated with rodent urine       

•Salmonellosis - food or drink contaminated with rodent droppings

•Rat Bite Fever - bite or scratch wound from infected rodent

•Tularemia - handling infected rodent carcass

Brilliant Pest Solutions specializes in sanitizing and decontaminating these rodent sites. First, we remove the droppings using a HEPA filter vacuum. We dispose of any soiled items, then we use a commercial fogger with a powerful virucide disinfectant to mist all contaminated surfaces, destroying rodent pheromones, removing odors, and decontaminating the surfaces. Call or text us today at (916) 741-3006 to schedule a free inspection for rodent cleaning  

Rodent Sanitation Decontamination Fogger.png
(TAP Pest Control Insulation)

Roof rats and mice love to set up shop in your attic. Not only is it dark and secluded, but it is also full of a soft fluffy material they love to nest in-- insulation!

Rodents will tunnel down underneath the insulation and create runways on the surface. Over time, this causes the insulation to collapse from underneath, compress, and loose it's R-value. Not only does it become less effective, but the insulation acts like a sponge and can absorb years worth of rodent urine. Once the insulation is contaminated, it must be removed and replaced. 

Brilliant Pest Solutions specializes in removing soiled insulation and replacing it with Tap Insulation. Tap Insulation is an EPA registered product that prevents and controls common household pests, and also provides a superior thermal and acoustic barrier. Call or text us today at (916) 741-3006 to schedule a free inspection

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