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#1. Fleas and Ticks make a meal out of your pets blood.

#2. Pets often don't realize they are harboring pests.

#3. They can transmit disease.

#4. A few fleas & ticks can multiple quickly into an infestation.

#5. They don't go away in the winter.

Your pets are important to us.

We always tell our customers that treating their pets for fleas isn't enough, you have to treat the environment too.


At Brilliant, we want to protect all of your family members, including your pets! During each treatment, we focus on driving pests out of your yard and creating a residual barrier. Using eco-friendly and pet-friendly products, we treat the grass, flowerbeds, and around bushes and trees. This helps prevent fleas and ticks in the yard. 

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Let us protect them.

✅ 100% Satisfaction
✅ Free Re-services
✅ Green Options
✅ Pet-Friendly

✅ Local Experts
✅ Affordable Plans

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