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Brilliant Pest Solutions is an environmentally conscious pest service. Our plant derived products and procedures are eco-friendly and pet-friendly. We leave your property pest-free without using harsh chemicals detrimental to your landscaping, structures, pets and the environment.



You’ll realize that we’re not the typical pest control company, we specialize in using plant-based products— many from the Zoecon brand, which are eco-friendly and pet-friendly. Many of our customers have small children and pets. This option is very popular and gives customers peace of mind.


because we care.

Organic & Eco-Friendly options,

We have specially selected our product blends finding the perfect balance by mixing natures best insect defense oils, creating an aggressive forcefield against pests without compromising the environment. 


Many of our products are Botanical, which means they are derived from plants. For instance one product is a blend of essential oil‘s like Rosemary, Peppermint, and Geraniol. While others are organic pyrethroids which is a natural insect repellent derived from pyrethrum and Chrysanthemum flowers, such as Roses, Daisys, and Sunflowers.


You can trust us to use the most effective products at your home.

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